Welcome to our home page.

Terranova landscape services is a small landscape construction company that has been around for a little bit over 15 years, however, all the people that work in it, have dedicated their whole professional life to the landscape industry. 

We enjoy creating beautiful, functional, and practical outdoor living spaces for our customers.

Be it a new construction or a yard renovation, we offer practical solutions, and have worked on some of the most challenging sites, which gives us the expertise needed to complete almost any project.


  We have built several projects over the years, and it give us great satisfaction to return to the projects and see how the work installed years ago has improved and continues to benefit the owner's life. 

​ We've worked with some of Seattle's finest Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers, but regardless of where the design, or the concept came from, we feel that the final word should always come from the people who will end up utilizing the improvements being implemented on the property.